Looking For Affordable Botox® Offers In Bristol, UK?

When men and women in Bristol are considering facial wrinkle treatment they often look up offers for Botox®.

Price is understandably important when considering cosmetic treatments and different people have different budgets. The difference in budget can be quite extreme!

For most people, the decision to undertake cosmetic facial treatments has cost implications and the price point is often one of the most significant factors in choosing a doctor or nurse. Certainly, the “cost of Botox® is a well searched query online so we know that people want to do their research before making a buying decision. People looking for Botox injections in Bristol want to be sure they make an informed decision when choosing a specialist.

I encourage research because a well-informed patient is a happy patient. A confused patient can never commit.

Doctors with nothing to hide should encourage patients to scrutinise other clinics and providers if they are confident in their own service.

I know that I'm confident in my skills and my pricing so, go ahead, take a look around.

Do You Want The Cheapest Botox® In Bristol?

People may often start their search for a doctor looking for the cheapest one, only concerned about saving a few pounds here and there.

When you start to think about it, is that the most sensible approach? Is cheaper always better?

Is a 2 week vacation at a 2 star hostel  in Weston Super Mare just as good as a 5 star luxury hotel break in the Caribbean?

Is hosing your car down for 2 minutes just as good as a two hour full valet service?

Is  flying economy just as good as sleeping horizontally in a business class seat, arriving feeling refreshed and happy?

When it comes to your own face, do you want cheapest or do you want the best?

Is it really always clever to buy cheap?

Do You Want Botox® Discounts, Deals and Coupons in Bristol?

It is understandable that the educated consumer wants to check for discounts and cheap prices before buying a treatment. So many other goods and services can be had for a steal if you shop around on price comparison sites and the like. However, advertising standards regulations in the United Kingdom prevent clinicians from offering Botox® discount offers, coupons or incentives to potential patients. This is because Botox® is a prescription only medicine so falls under the regulations banning the promotion of prescription only medicines.

If you see offers like “Botox®: Buy One Get One Free” or “Botox® BOGOF” then that provider is breaking the rules, could be reported and fined.

Even offers like “Cheap Botox®: Time Limited Offer” are disallowed because they potentially put a potential patient under undue pressure to decide on a cosmetic treatment when it may not be something they are entirely comfortable with yet.

You are more likely to see these kinds of offers being promoted by non-medical providers, promoting Botox® directly to people. They may take a more lax view about compliance with advertising standards than a properly registered doctor. Can you be sure they will be around tomorrow if things go wrong? These kinds of people may pressure you into a buying decision, into treatments that you aren't quite ready for. They may well be ready to sacrifice ethics and principles for a quick buck at your expense.

Doctor Brad does not treat people like that!

Savvy potential patients should not be entirely disheartened though. Different providers can charge wildly different prices for the same treatment so it is worth shopping around.

Of course, different doctors will charge more for a variety of reasons including experience, qualifications, motivation to attract new patients, how much they need to cover clinic overheads and insurance costs etc.

If you are looking for a “botox doctor, as they are sometimes called in Bristol, then there is a doctor out there to suit you. Note that botulinum injections and fillers often go well together.

Need a Botox® Payment Price Plan in Bristol?

Some providers will offer payment plans for Botox® treatment in Bristol but you may end up paying substantially more than the original up front price due to interest and third party fees. Dr Brad does not encourage patients to get in to debt to pay for his treatments so does not currently offer payment plans.

Note: Botox® is just one brand name for the prescription medicine “purified botulinum toxin”. Other established brands include Vistabel®, Dysport®, Azzalure®, Xeomin® and Bocouture®.

If you are interested in competitively priced facial aesthetic treatments, delivered in a clinic or at your own home, why not take a look at our clear and transparent prices then give Dr Brad a call today?