Looking For Men's Botox® in Bristol?

Many guys are looking for Botox® in Bristol in order to improve their appearance or for other reasons such as treating excessive underarm sweating. Men have traditionally been reluctant to be seen to take their appearance seriously. Indeed, it has been somewhat of a masculine trait to declare that one doesn't care about one's face or appearance. However, over the years, men have been increasingly brought into the world of beauty and cosmetics through the introduction of men's only cosmetic and skin care products by increasingly confident cosmetics companies.

High end, high spec cosmetic products marketed in manly packaging with solid, multi-million pound brands behind them have been gaining market traction year on year. This has gone hand in hand with the male fashion industry which has also made great strides in the common male psyche, capturing the attention of the aspirational 21st Century modern man. Botulinum toxin treatments, which are just as effective in men as in women, are the natural progression of this phenomenon.

Botox® For Males in Bristol is Now Available.

It should be well known by now that Botulinum toxin and fillers can be injected in to male faces in a very similar way to female faces to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Indeed, more and blokes are having treatments. Indeed, sources suggest that 10 % of patients receiving wrinkle treatment in the UK are already male and it already has a new name, “Bro-tox“! The average age of men having these injections is 35-65. Indeed, women and spouses or partners often encourage these treatments.

Straight, gay, White, Asian, Black, Chinese, all races are giving it a go and often cite reasons such as “wanting to stay and look more competitive in the workplace” as their main motivation but may often seek an expert rather than a newly qualified nurse or turning up at their local beauty parlour! Men may also want to look less aggressive if their wrinkles or facial muscles give them an overly-stern appearance. Men with a keen eye for a bargain will probably look around for competitive treatment offers before committing to a decision.

Add to that the fact that online dating and social media is such a major part of people's lives and you can see why men would want to look their best. Let's not forget that divorce rates are higher than ever and increasing numbers of older men are finding themselves back in the dating pool trying to attract  their perfect partner so want to try to combat the signs of ageing.

Unfortunately, some men are still deterred by what they perceive as stigma or taboo to acknowledge the flaws in their physical appearance and how dissatisfied with certain aspects they might be. This is a shame because effective cosmetic treatments are now available for minor facial conditions and men are denying themselves effective and affordable solutions through their own stubborn pride or old fashioned attitudes. Other men may simply be undergoing these treatments in secret. Dr Brad offers a home visit service for people who value discretion and convenience.

Doctor Brad's Treatments Are Fully Available To Men In and Around Bristol!

Dr Brad is very happy to assess and treat men, offering an extensive range of non-surgical cosmetic services. Doctor Brad is aware that different men will have different attitudes to their openness about seeking treatment. The highest standards of discretion and confidentiality are assured, whatever the situation.

His prices are fair and competitive.

Men of Bristol, take heart! Take action by calling us on 07588 971452 today.