Interested in Botox® and Facial Fillers in Bristol?

Botulinum toxin (AKA Botox®) injections and dermal filler gels are the mainstays of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments and are now available in Bristol. In the right hands, these products can be used to help men and women deliver the look that you desire.

Each of these products has their own distinctive characteristics and uses in treating different problem areas in different people. The nature and severity of problem may vary widely from patient to patient so it is important that your doctor makes a careful assessment of your face before making recommendations on treatment. It is impossible to deliver a one size fits all treatment plan because every patient's face is different and unique to them. Anyone who claims to be able to deliver a cookie-cutter approach to your treatment or makes ridiculous offers should be regarded with suspicion and distrust. Choose a doctor like Brad, he is no more expensive than a nurse.

Both products are highly versatile and can be used to safely and effectively treat a wide variety of facial aesthetic conditions. They may be used separately or in combination to create the optimum outcome.

Dr Brad's Botulinum Toxin Treatments in Bristol

Botulinum toxin's (BoNT-A) mechanism of action is blocking the release of acetylcholine neurotransmitter from motor-nerve endings. In other words it works by preventing muscles from contracting fully or even by fully paralysing them temporarily. This treatment is useful if a facial problem is being caused exacerbated by the contraction of underlying muscle groups. My relaxing specific muscles, the overlying and visible facial problem may be corrected. Of course, any effect is temporary but effects can last 4-9 months in practice, depending on the patient and the dose administered. There are multiple brands of BoNT-A available but Dr Brad only works with the most effective and safe brands so you can be assured of your safety and the quality of the treatment.

Dr Brad's Filler Treatments in Bristol

Fillers are another useful tool in the facial aesthetic specialist's bag. Unlike BoNT-A, fillers do not relax, weaken, paralyse or have any effect on your muscles at all. They essentially restore volume to the soft tissues of the face. The problem to be treated will determine which filler is recommended and at which depth it is placed in the skin or underlying tissues. Different faces lose volume in different areas of the face at different ages. Different areas of skin wrinkle and crease in different patterns and to varying degrees of severity over time. There are genetic and lifestyle variables such as UV exposure and tobacco use that all impact on your facial appearance. Again, there is no one single approach to treatment and your doctor should make an individualised series of recommendations for how to use fillers to help you achieve the results you want.

If you'd like to know more about facial aesthetic treatments, why not take the next step and give Dr Brad a call today.