Treatments For Stretch Marks in Bristol

Stretch marks (also known as “striae”) are areas of damage to the skin caused by persistent distension and stretching. The epidermal layers separate revealing striae of the underlying dermis which appears pink or purple due to the presence of blood vessels and disordered collagen. Striae most commonly affect women that have been through a pregnancy or overweight people that have lost a significant amount of weight. The most commonly know treatment for striae is to apply a topical lotion or oil. Unfortunately the effects of this are quite limited. Some people are very self conscious about their striae, leading to problems with self-confidence, negative body image and even intimacy. This, compounded by the fact that no treatment is available on the NHS and reluctance to be seen as bothered or “making a fuss” can cause the person to refrain from seeking medical attention. What an unfortunate situation.

Is There A Cure For Stretch Marks?

Whilst few would go so far as to say there is a “cure” for stretch marks, there are definitely treatments available that can make a marked improvement to the physical appearance of stretch marks.

Dr Brad offers medical Dermaroller treatment for stretch marks. This involves the application of creams and serums to the skin for two weeks then 3 separate sessions of dermaroller to the affected areas. The dermaroller device contains many fine needles that penetrate the skin, causing a diffuse pattern of microtrauma to the dermis that allows the deeper penetration of high-end cosmeceuticals and, most importantly, the stimulation of new collagen formation and dermal re-modelling. This combination has a visibly noticeable improvement on the appearance of the lines. Don't worry about discomfort or infection because you will be treated with antiseptic solution and anaesthetic numbing cream beforehand. Carboxytherapy treatment in Bristol can also be useful in treating skin stretch marks.

Unfortunately, you can't really do this treatment at home yourself. The roller devices sold for home use do not have long enough needles to do the job effectively.

So suffer no more and don't delay.

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