Ultherapy™ Treatment Bristol

Interested in Ultherapy™? Ultherapyis a term people might sometimes use when looking for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” treatment or H.I.F.U, for short.

We've had a number of enquiries asking if we perform Ultherapyin Bristol. This post is to confirm that I don't. Ulthera™ is simply a name for one device that delivers HIFU.

Dr Brad prefers the newer 3D-HIFU treatment delivered using his state-of-the-art “3D Ultimate” clinical platform which consistently gives his patients great results with minimal discomfort.

Dr Brad's powerful 3D HIFU treatments have a wide range of clinical indications including facial or body skin tightening, reduction of cellulite and targeted fat reduction for body sculpting and fat loss.

With competitive prices and clinical expertise, Dr Brad is the easy choice for patients seeking HIFU treatment in Bristol. Call today to enquire.

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