PelleFirm Tightening Treatment Bristol

PelleFirm Body Treatment Bristol

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The Pelleve S5 RF generator by Ellan is the number one choice for serious aesthetic medicine doctors who perform radiofrequency skin treatments.

PelleFirm is Ellman's unique and  proprietary body skin firming and cellulite reducing treatment supported by the premium Pelleve platform.

PelleFirm Body Sculpting Treatment Bristol

PelleFirm is indicated for skin on the limbs and torso that has lost tone and for the non-invasive treatment of cellulite, with RF energy effects penetrating deeply, up to 2cm beneath the skin.

PelleFirm is effective in the reduction of stubborn fatty deposits (non-surgical lipolysis) and it's fair to say that everyone can expect positive results after 6 treatments!

Patients with a double chin caused by an excess of submental adipose tissue can get good results from PelleFirm too.

Treatments are scheduled approximately 3 days apart so your 6 sessions can usually be completed within 3 weeks.

PelleFirm Prices

Separate “areas” are defined as: under the chin, central/lower abdomen; flanks; front of thighs; backs of thighs; buttocks; triceps.

  • 1 session £447 per body area.
  • 6 sessions = £2497 per body area. (Additional 5% off any 2-6 area PelleFirm treatment).