Chemical Peels: Post-Treatment Advice

Soon after treatment there may be slight redness to the skin, especially when the face is treated.  This is perfectly normal and as a general rule should disappear within one or two hours.

Skin treated should not be washed until the following morning.  Avoid contact with water on all treated areas until the morning following the treatment. Avoid jewellery and/or metals coming into contact with the treated areas until the day following the treatment. Your skin will feel tight and dry. To rectify the lack of moisture on the face, apply moisturizers frequently to hydrate the skin.

Skin may appear darkened or discoloured as the outer layer of epidermal skin peels away from the skin. This is part of some people's experience, is harmless and temporary.

Skin that comes away with gentle skin washing/cleansing routine is safe to remove. Do not pick or peel skin that has not come away naturally or you risk scarring.

Drink a lot of water, avoid the sun, and wear sunscreen (at minimum SPF 35) at all times.