Wrinkle Injections: Before And After Pictures

Are you looking for before and after photographs of patients that have had wrinkles treated?

I've got an article that should be of interest to you.

This little case study is of a healthy patient in her thirties who received botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxing injections to treat forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet (AKA smile lines) by the eyes.

The treatment was uncomplicated, consisted of 16 tiny injections just under the skin and took approximately 10 minutes in total.

From a practical perspective, I prefer to use the Bocouture®  brand of botulinum toxin because it works in the same way as the more well known Botox® but I don't have to refrigerate it as it is more chemically stable. With that said, I can not specifically recommend one brand over another to my patients.

See below for the photographs (anonymised and with the patient's generous permission) and observe the dramatic difference for yourself.

The pictures were taken 3 weeks apart in the same room with the same lighting and iPhone camera and have not been airbrushed or altered other than with the obvious addition of the eye bars.

The patient was delighted with her results.

Click to enlarge images.

Forehead wrinkle injection before and after

Forehead lines: before and after injections.

Crows feet before and after.

L smile lines before and after injections.

Frown lines before and after injections

Frown lines, before and after injections.

Smile line injections: before and after photos

R sided smile lines before and after injections.

The same course of treatment delivered by Dr Brad is currently available for just £240.

If you would like to book for wrinkle relaxing injections with Bristol's very own wrinkle expert, Dr Brad, then don't hesitate to call to book your appointment on 07588 917425.