Who Is The Best Botox Dr In Bristol?

Are you looking for the best botox doctor in Bristol?

Hello, I'm Dr Brad, clinical director at Dr Brad's Laser and Cosmetic Clinic in Bristol where we deliver Harley Street standards at Bristol prices.

I'm a highly qualified and experienced GP and aesthetic medicine expert delivering a wide range of premium laser and non-surgical aesthetic treatments to improve your confidence and well-being. I am fully trained in the use of botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, lasers, peels and much more.

I'm registered, regulated and fully insured.
I deliver safe and effective treatments at my modern, independent High Street clinic.

Many people are looking for a reputable doctor to deliver a botulinum toxin treatment for aesthetic reasons such as to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When people are looking for a botox doctor in Bristol it can be a minefield. For one, it can be difficult for people to find a botox doctor because providers aren't allowed to call themselves a “Botox doctor” due to advertising regulations. Furthermore, those regulations might hamper them in advertising their treatments.

Then there is the problem of other aesthetic practitioners falsely representing themselves as doctors or claiming to be equally qualified as a doctor which is surely confusing and misleading.
People in Bristol should be alert to the risks of choosing to be injected by a non-medical practitioner. I even feel that referring to such people as “practitioners” gives them a false air of legitimacy.

It is a worrying fact that beauty therapists and junior nursing staff can book themselves on to a £400 half a day course and qualify in the administration of botulinum toxin to the general public. having been through several years of formalised training in cosmetic medicine I can tell you that 3-4 hours is woefully insufficient to qualify in such treatments and I worry for bargain hunters who are drawn to such amateurish providers advertising on social media. The risk of side effects, complications and poor outcomes is too high, in my opinion.

My own training in the administration of botulinum toxin for aesthetic purposes has seen me undertake multiple private qualifications in both basic and advanced treatments. I have also undertaken a Level 7 Injectables qualification in Harley Street requiring attendances at live demonstrations, the requirement for me to be observed as competent in delivering treatments during training. I have been formally examined in written papers, observed doing practical treatments on live patients, and I've been scrutinised in Viva oral examinations at The Royal Society of Medicine. I've been awarded a distinction in postgraduate Aesthetic Medicine from the Queen Mary University of London. I feel quite certain that 99% of practitioners out there have not studied like I have and do not hold the knowledge and I expertise that I do.

Who is the best botox doctor in Bristol? Only you can decide.

With that said, you might like to book an aesthetic medicine consultation with me to discuss the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles or anything else. You'll find that my pricing is surprisingly affordable with initial consultations available from just £60. We can discuss and assess your suitability for any of a wide range of treatments including fillers, mesotherapy, laser, botulinum toxin neuromodulator injections and others.

As Bristol's foremost expert in aesthetic medicine, choosing to consult with me should be a “no-brainer”.
If you are ready to book with me for your initial consultation, please call my secretary now on 07588 971425 and I look forward to welcoming you to my independent laser and cosmetic clinic very soon.