Beard Shaping

Laser Beard Shaping.

If you are a man who likes to wear a stylish beard, you may be tired of having to waste time shaving to keep your beard looking sharp.

If you have settled on a beard style and you are certain that you want to keep it then laser beard shaping may be for you.

Laser beard shaping is indicated for men who want to prevent hair from growing at specific places on their face.

For example, if you like a sharp beard border then lasering away the hair that grows at the margin of your beard can be considered a permanent method of consolidating your look.

Treatment is quick and simple, using the finest hair removal laser technology in the safe hands of Dr Brad.


Initial consultation and test patch is £60.

Full treatment sessions are £95 each and 3-6 sessions may typically be required for best results.

Please give us a call today to book in and get started.