Carboxytherapy Treatment for Psoriasis


Dr Brad performs carboxytherapy (CDT) treatment for plaque psoriasis at his private clinic in Bristol.

Carboxytherapy involves the introduction of medical grade carbon dioxide (CO2) gas underneath a skin lesion.

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is naturally produced by every cell in the human body so this is a very safe and natural treatment.

Plaque psoriasis patient can experience significant improvements in their plaques throughout their course of treatment.

Carboxytherapy can be administered to patients who are also using topicals, tablets or UV therapy.

1 session a week for 12 weeks is recommended initially.

You can read more about carboxytherapy by clicking here.


Treatment typically costs from £125 per session and discounts are available.

  • 10% off custom packages of 12 carboxytherapy treatments paid for upfront.
  • 5% off custom packages of 6 carboxytherapy treatments paid for upfront.

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