Acne Treatment


Acne Vulgaris (often just called “acne”) is a common skin condition that causes painful, inflamed spots to appear on the face, neck and upper torso. 

Dr Brad offers a variety of treatments for acne.

Treatments to Reduce Acne Activity.

Mild active acne can benefit from a course of Dr Brad’s superficial chemical peels.

Moderate-severe active acne can benefit from a course of Dr Brad’s painless Elite Rejuve laser facial.

Treatments to Reduce Acne Scarring.

Established acne scarring can be treated using either SmartXide laser, Emerge laser or Quest laser facial.

Choose SmartXide laser if you want an intensive fractional treatment with less sessions but more downtime.

Choose Emerge laser if you want a fractional treatment with more sessions but less downtime.

Choose Quest laser facial if you want a painless, full-field non-ablative treatment with essentially no downtime.

Dr Brad can also perform acne scar subcision treatment on severe or stubborn scars. This can be performed as a standalone procedure or immediately before a laser treatment.

Acne scars can also be treated with dermal fillers for lift and re-volumisation from within.

Acne scars can also be treated with biological injections either as a standalone treatment or alongside other treatments such as laser.

Finally, acne scarring can also be treated with dermaroller microneedling.

You can see that Dr Brad can help with acne in so many different ways so call to book your appointment and get started on your journey back to better skin today.