Glabellar frown lines

Vertical frown lines (“glabellar lines”) are the lines that form between your eyebrows, just above the root of the nose when you frown ie when you express a “look of concern”.

These lines become more prominent with age because the skin of the forehead  and inter-orbital area becomes thicker, losing collagen and elasticity.

The muscles underlying this area of skin are called the procerus and a pair of muscles called the “corrugator muscles”.

The procerus sits centrally, underneath the skin between the medial edge of your eyebrows.

The two corrugators sit just above the medial aspect of your eyebrows.

The procerus and corrugator muscles work as a functional unit to create the frowning look of concern mentioned earlier.

They also pull the forehead downwards, so they balance the forces of the frontalis muscle that pull the forehead skin upwards to wards the hairline.

About Vertical Frown Line Injections.

Five subtle, superficial injections carefully placed by a skilled doctor are usually enough to relax these muscles, reducing the force of their contraction so that the vertical lines are softened and reduced. This results in a more youthful appearance. Treatment of the vertical frown lines is classed as one “area” of treatment and is priced accordingly.

Note that a treatment for vertical frown lines should almost always be paired with treatment of the forehead at the same time. This is to avoid the frontalis muscle from pulling the forehead skin upwards to much and creating a “surprised appearance”. This means that two “areas” should be treated at once and they are priced accordingly.

Aftercare Advice.

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