Hollow Tear Trough Treatment

Hollow Tear Trough Injections Bristol

As the face ages, the orbit widens and deepens, creating the appearance of a “hollow tear trough”.

The tear trough is the depression or groove that is visible below the lower eyelid and above the cheek bone line. The natural changes in bone structure with age and the sagging of the underlying soft tissues such as fat, connective tissue and muscle can combine to make the tear trough appear to be more hollow or sunken. This effect may also contribute to increasing the effect of “dark circles” under the eyes and cosmetic makeup can only go so far to correct this.

How is a hollow tear trough treated?

Sunken tear troughs used to require a surgical face lift but now can be effectively treated with a well placed, temporary hyaluronic acid dermal filler gel. A premium quality filler gel with fairly high viscosity should be selected and the injection is carefully placed to avoid critical neurovascular structures such as those arising from the inferior orbital foramen. The filler is deposited in a linear fashion at the supra-periosteal plane. Discomfort is minimised with the use of topical anaesthetic cream applied before the treatment.

The volumising, smoothing and lifting effect is instantly visible. The effects improve and develop over the coming weeks as the filler gel naturally absorbs water and expands.

Effects can typically last 4-8 months and are very satisfying for clinician and patient alike.

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