SmartXide Laser Cold Peel

You want great skin results from a CO2 laser without major downtime.

Dr Brad's SmartXide Laser Cold Peel ticks all the boxes.

The Cold Peel is a price treatment that doesn't penetrate too deeply so only treats the very outer layer of skin.

The high density of laser dots in this protocol results in sloughing of the outer layer of skin, removing dead keratinocyte cells for a fresher look.

A subtle tightening effect in the superficial layers of skin can also be appreciated.

The Cold Peel is suitable for all racial skin types and does not require local anesthetic.

The whole face can be treated in under half an hour.

Due to the increased speed of this procedure and the lower level of risk and aftercare compared to a full laser

resurfacing procedure we are able to offer this treatment at substantially lower prices.

A course of 3 treatments, two weeks apart is recommended for best results.

Watch Dr Brad perform a SmartXide Laser Cold Peel below:

Now listen to a patient discuss her experience of the SmartXide Cold Peel.

SmartXide Laser Cold Peel Prices

Full Face 1 session: £249

3 sessions: £699


Full face and neck 1 session: £349

3 sessions: £997

Full face, neck and upper chest (decolletage) 1 session: £449

3 sessions: £1299