Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Seborrhoeic keratoses are permanent wart-like growths that develop on the skin as people get older. They may occur on the face, scalp, neck, torso or limbs. They may occur singularly or in large numbers. They have a greasy, rough or fissured surface with a well defined border and a “stuck-on” appearance. They are commonly any shade of brown or are sometimes black. They are benign, which means non-cancerous, and a doctor is often able to distinguish them from a skin cancer on visual inspection and a brief clinical history.

Dr Brad actually enjoys treating these lesions using his SmartXide CO2 laser. This ensures that the lesion is removed as he vaporises the base of the lesion and removes it entirely leaving a raw area at the base which heals by itself.

If there are more numerous lesions, Dr Brad can use his long-pulsed Alexandrite laser to quickly zap them. The lesions instantly go darker and then dissolve or flake away over the next few weeks leaving a healthy base.

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