Dr Brad is fully qualified and insured to deliver the innovative Profhilo bio-remodelling skin treatments for face and hands which is equally good for both men and women.

A Unique Biostimulator.

Profhilo is a special and unique formulation of both high and low weight natural hyaluronic acid molecules that perform a “bio-remodelling function in the dermis to increase the quality and appearance of your skin. The product is produced using only a secret proprietary thermal bonding process so no animal products are used during the process. Therefore you can be assured that this is one of the more “natural” injectable hyaluronic products on the market. Hyaluronic acid is one of the major components of skin and a high concentration is one of the hallmarks of youthful skin. You’ll be pleased to know that Profhilo offers the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid of any injectable aesthetic product.

Profhilo has been proven to gradually stimulate the natural production of new collagen and elastin in the dermis of your skin whilst not producing excessive inflammatory reactions so is classed as a unique biostimulator rather than a “filler”.

You can read more about Profhilo on the official website.

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What To Expect.

The treatment usually consists of just 5 superficial injections on each side of the face at the well recognised “bio-aesthetic points” or “BAP”. The needle only goes just under the skin and it is numbed up with anaesthetic cream before treatment.

An initial series of two treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended.

Top-ups can be received 3-4 monthly as required.

Improvements like this are possible…


Profhilo Prices and Costs.

  • An initial series of two treatments spaced 3-6 weeks apart is recommended with a top-up at 4, 6 or 12 months. Maintenance treatment is commonly delivered 3-4 times a year thereafter according to patient preference.Choose from the following single areas: Upper 1/3 of Face; Lower 2/3 of face; Neck; Upper Chest (Decolletage); backs of both hands; one side of both forearms; both elbows, one side of both upper arms.Most abdominal skin treatments usually count as 2-4 areas due to the increased surface area and product required.
    Number of Areas One Treatment Course of 3 Treatments Course of 4 Treatments Course of 6 Treatments
    1 £300 £855 £1116 £1656
    2 £450 £1283 £1674 £2484
    3 £600 £1710 £2232 £3312
    4 £750 £2138 £2790 £4140
    5 £900 £2565 £3348 £4968
    6 £1050 £2993 £3906 £5796
    7 £1200 £3420 £4464 £6624
    8 £1350 £3848 £5022 £7452
    9 £1500 £4275 £5580 £8280
    10 £1650 £4703 £6138 £9108
    11 £1800 £5130 £6696 £9936
    12 £1950 £5558 £7254 £10764

Profhilo is one of the most innovative and popular injectable treatments to hit the aesthetic medicine market in recent years and has built up a loyal fanbase of patients who rave about their results.

What’s stopping you from joining them?

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