Platysmal Neck Bands Treatment

Unsightly platysmal neck bands

Unsightly bands in the neck are a problem for men and women alike and they tend to get more prominent with age.

Long, discrete bands, thick or thin, tend to stick out and give the appearance of ageing or “Turkey Neck” and are widely considered¬†to be undesirable.

They become even more prominent when a person strains or gets tense.

What Causes Neck Bands?

The bands are actually the musculotendinous fibres of the platysma muscle.

The platysma is a continuous sheet of muscle that drapes itself around the entirety of the front of the neck but can start to separate into discrete segments over time.

The lines (platysmal bands) get worse when a person tenses up their jaw or upper body because the platysma muscle contracts, temporarily making the separation even more obvious.

How Are Neck Bands Treated?

The offending bands can be effectively treated with careful, expert placement of tox-injectables such that the appearance of the lines can be markedly reduced.

Treatments can be delivered in one session lasting less than 30 minutes and the desired effects may typically start to become apparent in just a few days.

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