Smile Line Treatment

Nasolabial smile line treatments in Bristol.

Nasolabial lines are the wrinkles that define the medial border of your cheeks.

They are usually invisible in younger people unless they are smiling.

As people get older, the lines deepen due to the repeated creasing of the skin along that contour, caused by the contractions of the facial muscles associated with smiling.

The quality of the skin also deteriorates with age so that it becomes less elastic and less collagen-rich so that lines start to become more permanent as the underlying structure of the skin deforms.


About Nasolabial Filler Injections.

Modern dermal fillers can be used to plump up the nasolabial lines and soften their appearance, giving an instantly more youthful look.

Results can easily last well over 9-12 months so you get excellent value for money.

Doctor Brad only uses the most modern dermal fillers, including hyaluronic gels and Ellanse.

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