Moles and Freckles

mole bristol

Dr Brad is able to treat pigmented lesions such as moles and freckles using his laser systems.

The terms “mole” or “melanocytic naevus” is generally used to refer to a well defined, raised pigmented lesion with a brown or black colour. Benign moles have the characteristic of having been present for a long time without change whereas cancerous moles may arise anew and exhibit changes in size, colour, symmetry or border over a relatively short time. Benign moles can be removed by Dr Brad using either the SmartXide CO2 laser, the QS4 laser or the Elite Plus laser. Moles that are suspicious for cancer should be urgently referred via your GP to a dermatologist. As a GP, Dr Brad will be able to advise you what to do for the best.

The term freckles or “ephelides” commonly refer to small, flat spots of brown pigmentation in the skin, most commonly on the cheeks. If someone doesn’t like their freckles, they are usually best removed with the QS4 laser which causes them to immediately go dark brown then fade away over a few weeks.

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