People who want to remove their moles usually want to do so because they find them unsightly or they catch on clothing. A less commonly recognised reason for mole removal is the intention to reduce your skin cancer risk.

The most deadly form of skin cancer is “malignant melanoma” or just “melanoma” for short. This is a cancer of melanocyte cells which are those responsible for generating melanin pigment in our skin. It can be recognised by the appearance of a new mole or changes in an existing mole. It spreads (metastasises) early and when not detected early the prognosis is often poor.

Published studies (Weatherfield et Al. 2006, for example) have suggested that approximately half (maybe more) of melanomas arise in pre-existing moles. Therefore, wouldn’t you say that it makes sense to remove your moles in a kind of “pre-emptive strike” to potentially reduce your risk of developing a deadly malignant melanoma?

Dr Brad is a GP with many years of experience working in the NHS and is professionally competent to diagnose your skin lesions. He uses a state of the art dermatoscope to examine and diagnose your moles, freckles and other skin lesions. He can utilise a variety of state-of-the-art lasers to remove your moles quickly and safely at his private, yet affordable, modern Bristol clinic.

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