Microsclerotherapy For Spider Thread Veins

Thread vein treatment Bristol

If you suffer from thin, surface spider or thread veins on your legs than Dr Brad

can treat them using his simple, safe and effective, “microsclerotherapy” treatment.

Those little veins and capillaries are unsightly and occur for a number of reasons including trauma, age, varicose veins, spending a lot of time on your feet or for no one particular reason ie bad luck. If you don't have a significant underlying varicose vein problem then a tiny injection of a special irritant chemical straight into the visible blood vessel can make them collapse, stick together and go away. Sometimes one treatment is enough but some people need 3 and some more serious and resistant cases can take 6 treatments.

The procedure is quite straightforward and nothing to fear. Dr Brad meets you, takes your medical history then takes a look at your legs to make sure you are suitable. Then its a case of laying down whilst Dr Brad injects a tiny volume of a gentle, watery “sclerosant” liquid into the superficial blood vessel that is causing the problem. There may be a mild sensation of stinging. A couple of minutes later a mild-moderate inflammatory reaction (redness) is seen at the site of injection which is a good sign that the treatment is working and may last for 7-10 days although often resolves in a day or two.

This treatment should not be used on facial skin or on body areas above the level of the heart.

After treatment, you should wear a compression sock day and night for 72 hours, only removing it to take a brief shower (although leaving it on and putting a waterproof bandage cover on your leg whilst showering is preferable). After that you should wear the compression sock during the day every day for the next 7-10 days.

A review appointment is suggested 4 weeks after treatment to see if a repeat treatment is required.

Side effects are quite unusual but could include bleeding, bruising, infection or skin discolouration (usually temporary if it occurs) due to red blood cell pigment (haemosiderin) leaking into the skin.


Dr Brad is fully certified and insured to provide your treatment.

Typical cost: from £200.

Personalised quote provided during your consultation.

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