Lip Line Treatment.

Lipstick lines treated in Bristol.

The fine peri-oral lines (or perioral rhytides, in medical terminology) that radiate out from the lip border are a common and unsightly symptom that becomes more prominent with age.

They are sometimes called “smoker's lines” because they are more common in smokers.

They are also called “lipstick lines“, because lipstick can tend to track along them in what some might consider to be an unsightly fashion.

How are Smokers Lines Treated?

Treatment can involve using dermal fillers to add volume to the skin that has lost it's natural collagenous elasticity to and treat the “static” component of the wrinkling.

Toxinjectable treatment can also help to relax the local musculature just enough to help to soften the “dynamic” component of the wrinkles.

A combination of the two treatments is sometimes necessary to get the desired effect. Other treatments include laser or radiofrequency energy.

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