Hollywood Carbon Laser Facial in Bristol

Dr Brad is the easy choice for people looking for a laser doctor in Bristol delivering the “Hollywood” Carbon Laser Facial.

Dr Brad is an NHS GP and an established laser expert, delivering the treatment using the premium

DEKA Synchro QS4 laser system at his own private clinic in Bristol.

The treatment is primarily a great choice for people with oily or acne-prone skin or for those people wanting a gentle refresh.

It's safe for people of all racial skin types.

The treatment comes with essentially no downtime and can be performed in less than 30 minutes so is a great choice for people

with a busy lifestyle who can’t afford the time to recover from a more invasive laser treatment.

Watch Dr Brad delivering the carbon laser peel in this video.

Click here to download your own Hollywood-Laser-Peel-Brochure.

The Experience.

  • Stage 1.
    The application of specialised laser carbon cream to the treatment area.
  • Stage 2.
    The hydrated cream is treated with Q-switched laser to help it penetrate into the skin pores and bind to oil, bacteria and other impurities. This stage feels like a gentle heating of the skin.
  • Stage 3.
    The laser beam is intensified and a second pass over the skin is performed causing the instantaneous and spectacular vaporisation of the carbon, taking the oily sebum, germs and impurities with it.

After treatment, the skin may be slightly red but this typically fades within 30-60 minutes.

Treatments can be performed weekly or at a frequency to suit the patient’s schedule and preferences ie fortnightly, 3 weekly, monthly etc.


£220 per session or £985 (£197 each: save £115) for a package of five treatments paid upfront.

(Beware clinics charging suspiciously low prices using unbranded cheap imitation lasers from the Far East).

Great Value Upgrades.

1). The treatment can optionally be enhanced by the application of a glycolic acid or citric acid skin peel immediately afterwards for just £100 (usually £175) for one acid or £125 for a combination of both (usually £200). This is a great option for people who want intensive cleansing and purification of their skin and an especially bright, energised complexion and can be performed approximately every three weeks ie 2-3 times in a course of 6 laser sessions.

2). Alternatively, patients with more troublesome signs of ageing can opt for a more intensive “Quest” laser treatment performed immediately after the “carbon laser facial” treatment in which laser settings are substantially intensified using PTP technology for the additional improvement of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. This is likely to result in some additional mild redness of the skin. The cost of this upgrade is £247 (usually £347 alone: save £100) and can be performed 3 weekly or less frequently, as required).