Eyelash Enhancement

Dr Brad is pleased to be able to prescribe a topical bimatoprost solution to enhance the length and thickness of your eyelashes for the look you desire.

The solution contains the active ingredient “bimatoprost” 0.3mg/ml. It is safe and easy to use with results becoming apparent within 3 months of first use.

This product is often marketed under the trade name “Lumigan” or “Latisse”.

Lumigan is the earlier trade name for Bimatoprost drops whereas “Latisse” is a newer trade name used for the marketing of the product to people who primarily wish to enhance their lashes.

You should study the patient leaflet linked here to fully understand the product and its use for the enhancement of lashes before requesting or buying the product.

Watch this video which demonstrates how to apply bimatoprost drops to your lashes.

Dr Brad can prescribe you a generous 24mls supply of Lumigan bundled with 60 single-use applicators at what you’ll find to be a very competitive price.

This will be delivered to your door and a supply should last at least 2 months.

How To Buy.