Ellanse Fillers

Ellanse is a “tissue stimulating” dermal filler in that it not only allows us to re-volumise the face, neck and hands like a traditional “hyaluronic acid” dermal filler but also strongly stimulates collagen production in the dermis which has an additional rejuvenating effect on the actual quality of the skin itself.

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Ellanse is a very well established product, having sold millions of syringes around the world and been used in all racial skin types.

It has an excellent safety profile with a very low incidence of reported adverse effects.

Watch Dr Brad talking about Ellanse in the video below.

Ellanse filler is not a traditional hyaluronic acid filler but is instead made up of polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres suspended in a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) gel carrier. CMC is very safe and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a component of drug capsules. CMC does not react with body tissues in any meaningful way and is completely degraded and eliminated by the body within two weeks of an Ellanse treatment, leaving behind the all important PCL microspheres.

The PCL microspheres come in two different sizes, which are scientifically proven too be just the right size to stimulate collagen without triggering an unwanted inflammatory effect. The Ellanse product with the smaller microspheres is reputed to provide volumisation for at least 1 year after administration. The Ellanse product with the larger microspheres is designed to provide volumisation for at least 3 years after administration.

Remember that with Ellanse, the collagen that has been stimulated will remain after the filler has dissipated so the quality of the skin will still be improved even if volume replacement has gradually reduced over time.

Additional treatments can be performed to attain the desired effect but 3 months should be allowed to pass after initial treatment before any re-treatment with Ellanse. This is because neo-collagenesis (production of new collagen by fibroblast cells in the dermis) can take at least that long to develop and become visible. After 3 months it is safe to re-treat but to do so before would run the risk of “over-correction”.

Ellanse can be used for the restoration of hollow temples, brow lift, cheek augmentation, cheek wrinkles, lower facial sagging/wrinkling, chin augmentation, jawline enhancement, neck line correction.

Ellanse is not suitable for use in the eyelid area or the lips though.

Ellanse and Sculptra are Dr Brad's two “tissue stimulating” fillers. The phrase “tissue stimulating” means that they strongly promote neo-collagenesis.

The active molecule in Ellanse (PCL) is very similar to Sculptra (PLLA). Both are sub-dermally injectable, tissue-stimulating products that cause neo-collagenesis over months but Ellanse also delivers immediate lasting volume replacement and facial re-contouring which Sculptra does not. Sculptra is perhaps better suited to someone who wants to give their skin the benefits of long lasting collagen stimulation without changing the shape/contour of their face and a gradual change over time. With that said, smaller volumes of Ellanse distributed throughout the face using a fine cannula can also produce this effect without dramatic re-volumising/re-contouring if it is not desired.

Sculptra and Ellanse are not mutually exclusive.

If you have one of them, you can still have the other but not at the same time.

They both stimulate collagen in their own similar but slightly different way for your long-term benefit.


Dr Brad treats the following with Ellanse:

– Marionette lines

– Nasolabial lines

– Lower/mid-cheek rejuvenation

– Jawline/pre-jowl area

– Neck

– Hands

Price: £350 for your first syringe (1ml), £300 for additional syringes used in the same session.


DO NOT choose to take these treatments from a non-medical professional. These products are powerful and long lasting and need to be delivered by a trained, accredited and insured clinician with the knowledge and experience to do so safely and effectively. When delivered by the untrained hand, these products can lead to unpleasant complications including dramatic asymmetry/facial deformation, nodules, ulceration, scarring and tissue necrosis.

Dr Brad has been formally certified in these treatments, fully insured and is regulated and licensed by the GMC.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your face.

Get the benefits of modern cosmetic medicine and minimise your risks by choosing Bristol’s Dr Brad for your Ellanse treatment.