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Chins are important to the overall aesthetics of the face. If the skin of the chin becomes irregular it can age a person considerably.

Irregular, coarse skin on the chin is called by a few different names including,

dimpled chin“, “golf ball chin“,

“peau d’orange chin” (AKA “orange peel chin“),

and “cobblestone chin“.

What causes chin dimpling?

The skin of the chin is closely stuck or “adherent” to the underlying mentalis muscle.

Contraction of the mentalis muscle is usually the chief culprit contributing to the dimpling effect seen in many chins.

Sometimes, age related thickening and general deterioration of the skin quality can contribute too.

How is dimpled chin treated?

A properly diluted solution of Botulinum toxin can be carefully injected in to the troublesome mentalis muscle

in order to prevent it from contracting so strongly and causing the unwanted dimpling effect.

Effects are typically seen as soon as a few days after treatment and may last up to 9 months.

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