Crow’s Feet Treatment

Crows Feet wrinkle treatment

Crows Feet” is the common name given to the wrinkles (or “rhytides”, in medical terminology), that develop around the sides of the eyes as the years go by.

This happens because the skin, which is attached to the ring of muscle that encircles the eye, thins with age and starts to lose its collagen and elasticity.

That section of skin is tightly attached to the underlying ring of muscle (the orbicularis oculi muscle) and when that muscle contracts when giving a big smile or closing the eyes tightly, the skin creases up giving the typical appearance of “crows feet”.

About Crows feet injections.

Three subtle, superficial injections carefully placed by a skilled doctor along the lateral part of the orbicularis oculi muscle are usually enough to reduce the contractions of that section of muscle and stop the skin from wrinkling up so that you may look younger and more fresh-faced.

The effect of the injections lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months and can be repeated 3-4 times a year as required. The injections are tiny and the needles are also very fine so patients usually find  it very tolerable.

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