The 3D-Lipo Triple

Dr Brad uses the modern 3D Ultimate platform to personally deliver non-surgical body sculpting treatments at his private clinic in Bristol.

Dr Brad has devised the “3D-Lipo Triple” protocol, which is a non-invasive, hi-tech way for people to lose targeted subcutaneous fat from the tummy, buttocks and thighs in a gentle but effective way in a short, convenient course of treatment.

Dr Brad's 3D-Lipo Triple protocol is best suited to people who are moderately overweight ie BMI 26-30. People with a BMI 30-35 are also candidates but if your BMI is over 35 you might like to consider a more general weight loss option first.

There are two main areas of the body where fat is stored: subcutaneous (just under the skin) and visceral (around the internal organs). The 3D-Lipo Triple protocol only works on subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat is mainly responsible for defining your contour ie your “wobbly bits”. A reduction in subcutaneous fat can improve muscle definition, reduce your waist line, reduce thigh circumference and reduce cellulite.

Dr Brad recommends that patients undergo a two month package of treatment which includes a “3D-Lipo Triple” treatment every week (8 in total). However, packages of 4 sessions or just single taster sessions are also available. Patients can combine the 3D-Lipo Triple protocol with cryo-lipolysis treatments or HIFU body treatments for enhanced results.

These are impressively effective treatments! For example, immediately after treatment many patients will have lost a whole inch off their waistline. Providing that a person is living a healthy lifestyle, results should continue to improve over the 4-8 weeks following treatment.

Watch Dr Brad perfrming a 3D-Lipo Triple treatment below:

Each treatment lasts 60-75 minutes and consists of three phases.

Phase One: Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

(40 minutes max).

You lay down on the treatment couch and special ultrasound gel is applied to your skin. The ultrasonic transducer is applied to the target area and passed over the skin continuously. When the transducer is in contact with your skin you experience a high pitched sound that continues until the transducer is removed. The ultrasonic waves are passed through the skin where they encounter higher resistance within the subcutaneous fat layer below. The higher resistance leads to an increase in heat that disrupts fat cells. The ultrasonic waves also do physical damage to the fat cells that causes them to break down.

Phase Two: Radio-Frequency Fat Melting

(15-20 minutes).

The radiofrequency treatment probe is passed firmly over the target area. RadioFrequency (RF) energy passes painlessly through the skin. In contrast to RF skin tightening treatments which penetrate superficially, deep body RF penetrates deeply where it encounters high resistance in the subcutaneous fat layer which generates heat. This results in the lipids (fat) melting, becoming more fluid or “runny”. This aids with reabsorption of free lipid and the smoothing of hard, lumpy fat or cellulite. Dr Brad actively monitors your skin temperature throughout to deliver optimum results within safe limits.

Phase 3: Acoustic Shockwave Therapy

(15-20 minutes).


Acoustic (sound) shockwaves are high pressure air waves that can cause physical effects. The shockwave probe is systematically applied to the skin and rapidly passes high intensity shockwaves through the skin that cause additional damage and disruption to the fat cells, promoting their breakdown and reabsorption via the body's lymphatic system.

What happens to the fat which is released from damaged fat cells? It is gradually reabsorbed by the body's lymphatic drainage system which returns it to the liver for normal processing as if it had just been absorbed from your intestine after eating a meal. The reabsorption of fat after treatments such as 3D-Lipo have been shown not to cause any significant increase in blood cholesterol or any difficulty for a healthy liver.


One session.£425

Package of 4, weekly sessions.£1500

Package of 8, weekly sessions £2800