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Interested in Organising a Botox® Party in Bristol?

In Bristol, the phrase “Botox Party” is commonly used to describe an organised social gathering of friends at a private location, often someone’s home, to have fun and also undergo some cosmetic facial treatments. The organiser of the party often hosts the event. A suitably qualified mobile clinician is invited to come to the party and deliver the treatments. Treatments are often offered cheaper than if they were delivered during separate clinic appointments because the clinician is provided with a ready-made patient list for the session. For this reason, “Botox Parties” are popular with savvy groups of friends that want to save money on their beauty treatments. The organiser will typically be rewarded with a discounted or complimentary treatment or whatever mutually agreeable arrangement that they can come to. This has traditionally been most popular with groups of women but there’s no reason why groups of men shouldn’t get involved.

Want To Attend A Botox® Party In Bristol?

It is not illegal or wrong to attend a “party” of this sort. Unfortunately, they have got a bad reputation in recent years due to the way that a lot of non-medically qualified providers were administering treatments to high numbers of people in a short space of time. This means that the recipients of the treatments did not get a proper assessment, proper informed consent or opportunity to follow-up. Some providers have historically been unqualified, uninsured and sometimes downright incompetent. However, with the right clinician, the proper protocols and a responsible approach,  there is no reason that a social gathering can’t be combined with an opportunity to access discounted treatments.

Looking For A Botox® Party Nurse or Doctor?

Doctor Brad is happy to provide treatments at your social gathering. His prices are competitive and his manner is friendly. There is no reason to choose a nurse over Doctor Brad and his impeccable professional qualifications and reputation. Dermal fillers can be provided as well as wrinkle treatment injections.

Doctor Brad is a responsible doctor first and foremost. He will insist that he treat each and every person as a patient rather than a “client”. He will expect every patient to complete a medical questionnaire and have an on-the-day consultation with him prior to any treatment. Doctor Brad will discuss the pros and cons of any proposed treatment with each person and will ensure that their expectations are realistic. Consultations do not have to be overly long-winded for the sake of it but will allow each patient the opportunity to consider their options and give proper informed consent. You can expect Doctor Brad to be fully respectful of confidentiality in every respect and never pressurise a person into a treatment that they are not entirely sure about. Doctor Brad will not consult with or treat people that he judges to be intoxicated. Opportunities for follow-up will be offered.

Doctor Brad is often available to conduct Botox® parties on evenings and weekends or during weekdays if given good notice and is willing to travel to locations in and around Bristol for your convenience. Why not give us a call to see what kind of prices and arrangements we can offer.

Update: Botox parties are no longer available.